New & Improved Feature for All Users

    The calendar has been completely rebuilt, giving users a much more modern tool – both in terms of look and functionality. This new version allows personalization and customization. Users can select views (month, week, day) and color-code the events to differentiate courses and personal items.


    Items with due dates automatically appear on the new Blackboard Learn calendar.  If an instructor changes a due date, the calendar gets updated as well. On the flip side, moving a calendar item (by clicking on the item or drag and drop) simultaneously changes a due date for an instructor.  Users can also create recurring events  by selecting the “repeat” checkbox. 


    Calendar events may be viewed at once– or filtered to show only the desired mix of class and personal events. Users can select which calendars to view, ranging from personal to institution to individual course listings.


    These calendar items can also be exported via an iCal feed to Outlook, Google or other 3rd party calendars.