Copy Courses

  • Below is one way to copy course content from previously taught course into a course of new semester. The shell for your new course has to be created in the Blackboard system already. If you do not see the new course shell but believe it should be listed, please email us at , and we will investigate this issue for you.

    Step One

    Enter the course you are wanting to copy and go to the control panel in the bottom-left of your screen. Under "Packages and Utilities", select the option "Course Copy".

    Step Two

    Now you must browse for the destination course (the new course into which you are copying the old course). To do so, select browse.

    Step Three

    Then select your destination course. After selecting the destination course, hit submit. Please note, if you do not see the destination course in this list, the course shell for your upcoming course likely has not been created yet. If you feel your course should be listed, please email us at with a subject "Blackboard course shell" and we will investigate this for you.

    Step Four

    Check each box you would like to have copied into your destination course. If you would like to have your entire course copied, check all the boxes. HOWEVER, DO NOT CHECK THE FOLLOWING THREE BOXES "INCLUDE ENROLLMENTS IN THE COPY", "AVAILABILITY", & "DURATION". LEAVE THESE THREE BOXES UNCHECKED! ! !

    Step Five

    Hit submit to complete the process and after a few moment your new course should be uploaded.

    Additional Assistance?

    If you want to merge course sections into one new course, please do not copy course content until your sections merge are completed.  You may request for the course sections merge by filling out the "Blackboard Course Request Form" and following the instruction provided on the webpage "Merge Enrollment". We will do the course copy for you if you check the option on the form.