Course Development

  • Faculty at Morton College are increasingly incorporating online components into their courses and many courses are conducted exclusively online. 

    Users who are new to Blackboard may wish to examine the topics in the order shown below, as each feature builds on concepts introduced in the preceding feature.

    Users may wish to review the login process by downloading a detailed overview.

    Adding Educational Content

    Instructors can begin building and adding educational content, assessments, and interactive tools by:

    1. Clicking on Create Content Area in the Course Menu
    2. Naming the Content Area, selecting an availability option, and clicking Submit
    3. Opening the new Content Area and choosing from the options for adding content that display

    For more detail:

    Download the steps for Adding Content and Assessments
    View a video tutorial on adding content
    Download an overview of the Types of Instructional Content

    Assignments and Assessments

    Blackboard provides Faculty with a variety of tools to create custom assignments and tests and to re-purpose previously used assessment documents. Faculty can also set due dates and upload files for student review.

    For more detail, download instructions for managing Assignments and Assessments.

    Interactive Tools

    Faculty can add online collaborative tools such as discussion boards, chats, Wiki's and more. The most popular Interactive Tool is the Discussion Board, where both instructors and students can create "threads" of conversation that allows the class to share information and feedback.

    For more detai:

    Download an overview of Interactive Tools
    View a video tutorial on Managing Discussion Boards


    Blackboard offers a number of tools to help instructors communicate with students and track their progress. The most common Communication tools include:

    • Messages (E-mail)
    • Announcements
    • Journals
    • Course Calendar
    • Syllabus

    For details, download an overview of these Communication tools.


    Blackboard's grading features can be accessed by:

    1. Selecting Grade Center in the Control Panel
    2. Selecting Full Grade Center 

    The Full Grade Center provides a number of functions:

    • Create Column: create a grade column for assignments not graded automatically through tests, surveys, etc.
    • Create Calculated Column: create average columns, minimum/maximum columns, total columns, and weighted columns.
    • Manage: organize and customize Grade Center (i.e. organize columns, show/hide users, create grade schema, etc.).
    • Work Offline: download Grade Center data into Excel Spreadsheet or upload data into Grade Center.
    • Filter: easily customize the Grade Center view to show data you need
    • Reports: displays history of changes you have made in Grade Center.
    • Email: sends E-mail to users
    • Grade Information Bar: displays information about each column (points possible, etc.) when you place the
      mouse cursor over the column title.
    • Sort Columns By and Order: You can sort columns using Sort Columns By and Order drop-down menu.


    Click the icon above to view the locations of these functions in the Grade Center.

    For more detail, download an Overview of the Grade Center.