Course Setup

  • Faculty DO NOT need to request for course shell for new semesters any more.Course shells will be created automatically for all credit courses offered by Morton College. Faculty will be listed as instructors where they are listed as official Faculty Member of record. See details below.


    Below is an outline of the process used to generate BbLearn courses and enrollments. Official course shells and student enrollments are auto-generated. The BbLearn Course delivery checklist provides a quick reminder on the process required to run a course offered  through BbLearn.  

    1. Course have been scheduled and activiated and ready for registration in Ellucian 
    2. "Instructor of Record" have been assigned to the courses in Ellucian
    3. Official BbLearn Course auto-generated two months before semester start. Courses are set unavailable for students.
    4. "Instructor of Record" added to BbLearn course two months before semester start and update throughout term.
    5. Instructor Adds Content: Instructor builds content directly in BbLearn Course or adds through COURSE COPY.
    6. Students added to BbLearn course about one week before semester and throughout term. Student cannot access courses until course start date.
    7. Blackboard Admin make all courses available before semester. 
    8. Instructor Teaches Course
    9. Instructor Submits Final Grades: Final grades are submitted through Panther Portal.
    10. Student access to the course removed two weeks after semester ends

    Official course sites are automatically generated about two months before the start of Fall and Spring semesters semester, about one month before the start of first Summer session. Courses are then added to instructor's course list in BBLearn. If you don't see your course, contact your departmental scheduler to ensure that you've been added as an "Instructor of Record" to Ellucian schedule. You may copy your course content from an older course site into a current course shell.  Official course sites are setup as unavailable to students. 

    Instructor may add additional users as teaching assistant, grader, co-instructor, participant through BbLearn course tools. 

    Student enrollments are automatically added to classes approximately five days prior to the start of the Fall and Spring semesters. Summer session students are automatically added to ALL summer sessions approximately five days prior to the start of the first summer session. Students who add or drop the course will automatically be added or removed from the BbLearn course. Students automatically lose access to their BbLearn course about two weeks after the semester ends. The end of access date will apply to all courses (16 week regular, late starting, and short-term courses).