Import Course

  • How to import a course package

    Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Import Package/View Logs > Import Package

    On the Import Package page, browse for the course package on your computer. Select the course materials to include and submit.

     About content areas

    Content from content areas appearing on the course menu that have the same name in the package as in the existing course will be added in the same content area. Nothing is removed from the course and replaced with content from the package. Imported content is appended to existing content in the same content area.

    About discussion board forums

    Include starter posts for each thread in each forum (anonymously) or include only forums with no started posts in the course copy.

    About course links

    Links to parts of a course that aren't imported will break when the links appear in the destination course. For example, if a link to a test appears in a content area and you choose not to copy tests, the link to the test will break.

    About delegated grading

    When you import a course without enrollments into an existing course, the delegated setting is brought over as enabled for all existing delegated grading assignments. All current users who can reconcile are also set to grade all submissions.

    View import logs

    Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Import Package/View Logs

    In the Import Log Name column, select the package link.

    Options to email and download the log are available. You can also expand each log detail to view more information.