Teaching with Blackboard

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    Blackboard™ is a learning management system (LMS) used campus-wide at Morton College. The system allows faculty to post course materials, deliver online tests and surveys , hold online discussion and many other course-related functions. Many courses are conducted exclusively online through the Blackboard at Morton.

    All currently-enrolled students and teaching faculty have access to the Blackboard system. Users who are new to teaching with Morton College Blackboard system may wish to examine the checklist below to get started.

    You may also find various resources available throughout this site and consider attending an upcoming face-to-face Blackboard workshop for  faculty & staff. 


    Blackboard Checklist for Instructor 

    •  obtain a Morton College network account if you do not have one
    •  log into the Panther Portal.
    •  if the step above failed, reach out MIS Helpdesk (Ext. 2444) to get your account set up
    •  click the blackboard access image on your portal homepage and review for your blackboard courses listed for current semester
    •  if any class section is not listed, you want to verify your class assignments. Contact your department chair or deans to make sure the assignment has been entered into Morton College course information system(i.e. Colleague). For details, refer to the course setup section.
    •  after verification, send request to Blackboard Support Desk for missing courses in blackboard. It will take up to 24 hours to get this added to the system providing the course information is correctly entered in college information system.
    • fill out the online form of merging multiple course sections if needed, or Ask a Blackboard Question here. You may also contact Blackboard System Administrator Xiaoling Gan(Ext. 2463) for questions.
    •  contact Xiaoling for importing/integrating course cartridge from publisher or copying course content from previous courses you taught in the Blackboard
    •  consult with Xiaoling for course development or Blackboard course design features, Blackboard workshop, best practices, training information , and Blackboard tutorial videos for instructors
    •  check course properties(in Blackboard) to make sure your course has been made available to view by your students.
    •  compare your Panther Portal class roster with enrolled student users in your blackboard classes, contact Blackboard Support Desk for any missing students
    •  send request to Blackboard Support Desk, or contact Blackboard System Administrator to obtain additional access for teaching assistant, department chairs, observers, advisors, course designer, grade appealing etc.
    •  notify your students the availability of your course in the Blackboard (using tools in Blackboard to send email, announcements, course messages etc.)
    •  more help: developing your course content can be found here, or just ask me a question, I will try to find the solution for you.
    •  even more: download mobile apps for Blackboard, so you do not miss important things from your course/students.
    •  enjoy teaching with the Blackboard