• Recent Upgrade

    Morton College Blackboard Online Learning Systems were successfully upgraded to Blackboard Learn SP12 CP10 in December 2013. Click the links on the left for some highlights of the upgrade.

  • Why Upgrade?

    As much as we would all like our computer technology to be a constant servant, never having to learn a new way of interacting with it — because, frankly, who has the time? — the reality is that it is in a constant state of flux, demanding that we keep up with it.

    Hardware, operating systems, browsers, programming, and even the Web have changed dramatically since Blackboard was first created in the mid-1990's. Its Web 1.0 programming does not play well with Web 2.0. Improved communication, information sharing, collaboration, usability, and security require advanced web development techniques. This upgrade will permit us to use new technologies that facilitate securely sharing valuable data between Blackboard and other systems. Additionally, we must keep up with current releases because older releases cease to be supported, which means that we would not be able to fix the system if and when it broke.

    Though some of our users take advantage of only a very few, basic features in Blackboard, others are asking for additional tools and capabilities for improving their course management and teaching with Blackboard. This upgrade offers such additional features.