• System Upgrade

    Morton College Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) were upgraded from SP8 to Blackboard Learn SP12 CP10 in December 2013, then upgraded to Bb Learn SP13 CU12 in Janurary 2015 .   In Janurary 2016 , We upgraded our system Blackboard Learn to 9.1 October release as well as built newer, more stable servers. 

    We plan to migrate our self-hosted Blackboard Learn to the cloud-based Blackboard SaaS, hosted by Backboard Inc in January, 2017. More details will be posted here. 

    We always try to keep our BbLearn system compatible and up to date to current technology. You may log into by clicking http://my.morton.edu

  • Why SaaS? 

    As much as we would all like our computer technology to be a constant servant, never having to learn a new way of interacting with it — because, frankly, who has the time? — the reality is that it is in a constant state of flux, demanding that we keep up with it. Hardware, operating systems, browsers, programming, and even the Web have changed dramatically since Blackboard was first created in the mid-1990's.  Improved communication, information sharing, collaboration, usability, and security require advanced infrastructures and technologies.

    Saas is known as " Software as a Service". With the SaaS deployment, Blackboard Learn is hosted, delivered, and managed using a cloud-computing infrastructure. Blackboard Learn will update seamlessly so students and faculty don't have to be inconvenienced by downtime. Additionally, we can keep up with current releases. When issues arise or bug fixes are indicated, there's no need to wait for a scheduled update. Students, educators, and administrators can immediately take advantage of Blackboard Learn’s LMS enhancements and new features. Plus, with smaller, more frequent updates, change management is much easier for all. That means users get the best experience of Blackboard.

    Though some of our users take advantage of only a very few, basic features in Blackboard, others are asking for additional tools and capabilities for improving their course management and teaching with Blackboard. This upgrade offers such additional features.

    Why Ultra?

    The Ultra experience, which is deployed via SaaS, brings important benefits to faculty and students, such as a more intuitive user interface. It also includes streamlined workflows, a personalized user experience that brings aggregated and actionable information to a user’s view, and a mobile-first design. The experience includes a new navigation and activity stream that provides:

    • Quick access to the most critical information to easily stay updated and take action
    • Cross-course perspective to eliminate the need for educators and learners to dig inside individual courses for information (e.g. an activity feed, grades, calendar, messages, etc.)
    • Fast access to other resources “outside the course” (e.g. organizations, system announcements, etc.)  

    When you enable the Ultra experience, there are two course views that you can make available: the Original Course View and the Ultra Course View. 

    • Original Course View: The perfect choice for long-time users of Blackboard Learn and those with more extensive course needs. They get the workflows and capabilities (including content partners and 3rd party tools) they’re used to, but with a new look. No course re-design is required for these courses. Existing courses just work with a refreshed user experience.
    • Ultra Course View: Great for many instructors. It is completely redesigned essential workflows and a brand new, efficient, fully responsive view. If you’re thinking about changing existing courses from the Original Course View to the Ultra Course View, a built-in diagnostic tool will let you know if any changes are needed.