Evacuation of Students and Staff With Special Needs

  • This procedure may include persons who are mobility impaired, hearing impaired, vision impaired, breathing/or other health issues, mental health problems and other impairments.

    The Morton College Campus Police Department will consistently audit the campus enrollment of students/staff with "special needs."

    • In case of an emergency, and if the persons are able to evacuate, they should do so immediately.
    • Persons who are unable to evacuate using the stairs will be assisted to an area of assistance, which is marked by blue signage displaying the international symbol "handicap."
    • If the person with special needs is a student or staff member the classroom faculty member should immediately notify Morton Campus Police Department (708) 656-8000 Ext. 2200 or Fire Department (911) with the location of the special needs student/staff.
    • Rescue will be initiated by the Fire Department assisted by Morton College Campus Police.
    • If possible to do so safely, without risking personal injury, faculty members, safety committee members should remain with evacuees to assist them.