Lockdown Procedures

  • Initiation

    A lockdown must be a response to a clear and present danger to the safety of students and staff of this campus.

    A lockdown may be initiated by one of the following:

    • College Campus President
    • Director/ Inspector General  or his designee
    • Campus Police Chief or his designee
    • College Campus Board President or his designee

    When a lockdown is initiated administrators are to activate the “Campus Emergency Response Plan”.  The Director/ Inspector General is the “Incident Commander” for all personnel and visitors on the site and is responsible for alerting everyone on the site of the situation, including visitors, childcare facility staff, maintenance, and food service employees.


    The Director/Inspector General (Incident Commander)  or his designee shall notify the Campus Police department and Public Information offices immediately that a lockdown has been initiated and shall provide lockdown updates to these offices.  The Director/ Inspector General or his designee shall notify the Cicero Police Department immediately for assistance if the lockdown incident requires further assistance.  The Director/Inspector General or his designee will notify neighboring schools that the campus is in a lockdown.


    The Public Information Office staff member will activate the “Emergency Staff Notification Protocol” to include the following:

    • Notify other district staff members who need to be informed of the lockdown, including but not limited to Campus Board President and its members.
    • Provide a brief description of the event to be distributed to key staff via email and to be posted on the campus website, social media, and phone messaging system, and is to be sent as a MAJOR INCIDENT MESSAGE.

    During the Lockdown

    • All staff and students are to be in secured rooms, away from windows and visual contact from the outside during the lockdown.
    • Students will be permitted to go to the restroom only if the Campus Police Department officer in charge permits such activity and only if the student is accompanied by a designated school staff escort.
    • Any special needs students or access of parents to students will be addressed through the Campus Police Departments office in charge.
    • The Director/ Inspector General (Incident Commander) will provide frequent communications to the students and staff regarding the status of the lockdown and the need for continues cooperation.

    Lifting the Lockdown

    The Director/ Inspector General (Incident Commander) will authorize the cancelation of the lockdown and communicate that decision to all campus staff members, assisting outside police municipalities, neighboring schools and discontinue all MAJOR INCIDENT notifications to reflect the lifted lockdown status.