Medical Marijuana

  • Medical marijuana which is prescribed for healing purposes is prohibited at Morton College even though there may be state laws which permit its use.

    Marijuana continues to be a prohibited item and students’ use of marijuana (or any other drug) on Morton College premises is strictly forbidden and subject to action under the Student Conduct Code and this Institutional Procedure.

    Although Illinois State law permits the use of medical marijuana, i.e., used by persons possessing lawfully issued medical marijuana cards, Federal Laws prohibit marijuana use, possession, and/or cultivation at educational institutions and on the premises of all recipients of Federal Funds.Pursuant to Illinois Act 98-0122, Section 30(a) (3) (F):No person shall possess medical cannabis or any product containing medical marijuana in natural form, extract(ed) or converted form while on any Morton College property.

    The use, possession, cultivation, or distribution of marijuana for any reason, including medical purposes, is therefore not allowed on or in public places on Morton College property nor is allowed at Morton College sponsored events or activities off campus.

    Medical Cannabis cannot be used:In any motor vehicle – driver or passenger, in any public place.Knowingly in close proximity to anyone under the age of 18 years of age.

    Smoking medical cannabis in any public place., in a health care facility, or any other place where smoking is prohibited under the Smoke Free Illinois Act.

    For more information, download the institutional procedure that details the College's policies on medical cannibis.