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  • General Educational Development (GED®)

    The GED is equivalent to 12 years of education in the United States. Morton College offers GED preparation courses in Reading, Math and General Test Review. Students who successfully complete the State of Illinois GED Tests may participate in the annual Morton College GED Recognition Ceremony.


    Morton College receives state and federal funding that allows us to offer GED classes at a nominal fee of $3.00 per credit hour.


    In order to be eligible to take the GED test, an individual must:

    • Be 17 years of age or older
    • Not be a high school graduate or a GED credential recipient
    • Maintain residence in the State of Illinois for thirty (30) days

    For more information on the GED program, download the ABE/GED Brochure.

    Adult Basic Education (ABE)

    Students who take the placement exam and whose reading level is determined to be below the 9th Grade level are placed into ABE classes until their reading level reaches the 9th Grade level required for admission into the GED program. ABE classes provide instruction in Reading or Math.

    Morton College receives state and federal funding that allows us to offer ABE classes at no cost.

    For more information on the ABE program, download the ABE/GED Brochure.

    i-Pathways® Online Program

    i-Pathways courses provide online preparation for the GED test. After completing the placement exam, students who are qualified to enroll in the i-Pathways Online Program will be notified and provided with registration information.

    Morton College receives state and federal funding that allows us to offer i-Pathways classes at a nominal fee of $3.00 per credit hour.


    In order to register for an Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Educational Development (GED) or i-Pathways (Online GED Preparation Program) course, applicants must complete a three-step registration process:

    Step 1 – Register for Placement Exam

    Several months prior to the start of class, Morton College will announce dates on which applicants should register for a placement exam at Morton College. This registration includes providing biographical information. After registering, applicants will receive their appointment date for placment testing.

    Applicants can download lists of the next scheduled Adult Education registration dates.

    Step 2 – Complete Placement Exam

    Placement exam to determine Reading or Math levels and allow us to to accurately place you into the appropriate class. ABE and GED students are required to take a reading and/or math exam. The Secretary of the State of Illinois and the Illinois Community College Board, the funding sources for our programs, requires all students to be tested at program entry and also at specified times during the year.

    Step 3 – Attend Orientation

    Applicants will receive the results of their placement exams during the required orientation session. In addition, orientation allows applicants to:

    • Get more information about their program
    • Ask questions
    • Register for classes 

    Financial Assistance

    Eligible Adult Education students may receive Public Aid assistance to help pay for tuition, books, fees, transportation, and child care services. For more information, please contact Silvia Garza at (708) 656-8000, Ext. 2364.

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