Campus Wireless Infrastructure Goes Live

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The Management of Information Services (MIS) Department is delighted to announce the new wireless infrastructure at Morton College! 

You will no longer see the Morton FSA or Morton unsecured wireless SSID when you attempt to use the wireless. 

The new network names are Morton-Secure and Guest.  

Morton-Secure is for Staff/Faculty/Students and Guest is for visitors to the college (vendors, salespeople, etc.).  

Faculty and staff will be asked to connect to the new wireless infrastructure using the login credentials (user id and network password) used to log in to office computers. When you login to Morton-Secured, you are actually logging into Morton’s network.  

Following the initial login, users should not have to login again unless their password changes. 

Since Guest only allows access to the Internet, no log on is required. 

Students will login using their user IDs and passwords.   

We currently have 71 access points throughout the entire campus including the gym, outside by the cafeteria and around the courtyard steps.  

Please do not hesitate to contact MIS at Ext. 2444 or submit a helpdesk ticket for assistance.  As with any new technology, we may encounter some “hiccups” but we will be happy to help with any issues that arise.