Coffee group with MC alums enjoys College visit

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  • Group pix (7-26-2018)
It was a nice trip down memory lane for a number of retired Morton College alumni as they poured through yearbooks and took a tour of the current campus over coffee and pastries July 24th.

The group of mainly retired employees from Morton High School who attended Morton College and friends meets weekly on Tuesdays at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Berwyn. Morton College
Trustee Joseph Belcaster, a retired Morton High School employee, is part of the informal group. He extended an invitation for them to have their weekly gathering at the College.

Former Morton College football players Tom Eukovich, Tony Vais and Zeke Moravecek along with retired Morton High School coaches Ken Geiger and John Molitor, and Tom Charniak, a neighbor of Eukovich’s, met in the Board Room.

They were greeted by Belcaster, Board Chair Frank Aguilar, College President Stan Fields and Executive Assistant to the President Maria Anderson. Enrollment Specialist Sally Delgado provided a campus tour that included stops at the Hawthorne Museum and the new wing, while Athletic Director Billy Jacklin took the group around to visit the athletic facility.

Eukovich, in particular, got a kick out of seeing pictures of himself in the 1975 yearbook. The group kidded Moravecek over reportedly playing football for three seasons at Morton College, a two-year school.

Geiger, a pro scout on the Chicago Bears 1985 Super Bowl championship team, enjoyed paging through Bob Slivovsky’s history of Morton College athletics, “Those Were the Games, My Love.”

When Geiger came across a part of the book on Bill Hapac, it touched off a special memory for the retired athletic director and football coach at Morton High School.

Geiger was hired by Morton High School in 1955 and Hapac, an All-American basketball player at the University of lllinois, was assigned to be Geiger’s faculty mentor. Geiger said he was very fortunate to have Hapac, the namesake of the gymnasium at Morton East and coach of Morton College’s 1957 conference championship basketball team, as his faculty mentor.

Vais was thrilled to see a picture of himself in the yearbook from a football game.

The Hawthorne tour also sparked a lot of memories. The Western Electric plant in Cicero was the community’s largest employer and seeing the telephones and plant photos touched off many “I remember this.”

Vais, who taught business at Morton High School, came across a comptometer. He says he was the last teacher at Morton to instruct students on using a comptometer.

Each guest received a Morton College tote bag that contained an alumni pennant, notepad, coffee mug, pen and bumper sticker, all bearing the Morton College name and logo.

The consensus from the Morton College tour?

“This place is fantastic,” all agreed. “Coming here brought back a lot of wonderful memories. Everyone treated us so well.”