MIS Student Aides - Where Are They Now?

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  • Linda Koutny
  • Ricardo Almeida
  • Hector Castro

Linda Koutny

While earning her Associate in Applied Science - Data Processing degree, Linda Koutny was a student aide in the IT Department. Her duties included monitoring the computer lab (which was then located in Room 320 in Building B) and helping students with programming questions.
After receiving her degree in 1986, Linda joined the Morton College staff as a Computer Operator and had many responsibilities including running daily jobs, running daily reports performing daily system backups and COBOL programming.
Today, Linda is an Information Support Specialist in MIS. Her duties include assisting student, faculty and staff with systems and hardware issues and assisting with Blackboard administration.

Ricardo Almeida

Ricardo Almeida received a degree from Morton College in 2008 but returned last year to take classes that will apply toward a 4-year degree in Computer Science or Computer Network Administration. Currently an MIS Helpdesk Assistant, Ricardo applies the knowledge he gained from taking classes in computer repair, web design and programming to creating solutions for real workplace IT problems. 
Ricardo plans to continue his studies at Northeastern and is currently working as a Help Desk Technician with the Town of Cicero. Students can read about Ricardo’s experiences as an MIS student aide (PDF).

Hector Castro

Hector Castro earned an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science and was an MIS Department Student Aide in 2013. He is currently working in the IT industry as a Help Desk Assistant.