Morton College Collects Toys for Tots

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Thursday, December 19th was toy pick-up day as Chicagoland Toys For Tots President George “Lester” Fortier and his crew came to pick up the toys that were donated at the designated drop off point in the Morton College Bookstore.

 Union President Tim Visk, Vice President Eric Porod, Treasurer Ruben Ruiz, bookstore employee and union member Hernan Alonso, and House Delegate Richie Pawlak were on hand to help load the boxes of toys into their trailer.

 The Morton Classified Staff Federation further supported the campaign by donating toys purchased by their members and cash collected at their annual Christmas party.

 In addition, the Morton College Bookstore toys purchased  with the $648 that was raised from their stocking raffle. Bookstore manager Gene Suire, the Morton College Classified Staff Federation, Fran Wedge, the PTA Club and the bookstore staff were recognized for their help with the campaign.

 Anyone interested in more information on Toys For Tots, should visit their website.