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  • All events take place at Morton College's Teaching and Learning Center, Building C, Room 276, unless noted otherwise.


    Event details will be provided as they becomes available.


    Discussion of Developmental English Program

    April 26

    Join English faculty for a discussion of our developmental English program and learn about the kinds of writing that students are expected to produce at each level.

    Facilitating Success of Latina/o Students in STEM Fields

    April 18

    Presenter: Dr. Renata Revelo, Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

    This talk provided an overview of the status of Latinas/os in the STEM Field, pertinent research on the factors for success of these students with a focus on the field of engineering, and strategies for facilitating success of these students in education.

    Effective Supervision in Higher Education (Webinar)

    April 13

    Presenter: Patrick Sanaghan, President, The Sanaghan Group. Supervision is much more than informal meetings and annual performance reviews. This online training examined a supervisory model that can help managers develop the capacity of employees.

    The Distribution of Figurines and Magic Rituals During the Middle Bronze Age in Turkey c. 2000-1500 BCE

    February 21

    Presenter: Shannon Martino. While figurines have long been a source of interest, particularly for their magical potential, rarely are the exact locations of their finding noted. Often they are studied as objects of art rather than works of art, thereby alienating them from their contextual information. Yet even works of art found almost 100 years ago, as in the case of figurines from Alishar Hoyuk in Turkey can be elucidated through a thorough investigation of excavation records and archival research. This presentation explained what we can learn from such research about religion and magical practices of the 2nd millennium BCE.

    Online Pedagogy Roundtable

    February 28

    Participants brought ideas for the Roundtable’s next steps. Should the roundtable create a formal process for approving new online or hybrid courses? Should the roundtable create a standard definition for a hybrid course?

    2017 EVENTS

    SmartBoard Technology

    January 30

    Presenter: Cathy Grochowski. The training equipped faculty with the skills to utilize SMART Notebook 17 software including how to use it with student devices (cell phones/tablets and other devices can be used for formative assessment). In addition, the presentation reviewed annotating on PowerPoint and websites, screen capturing student work and more.

    News Literacy and Civic Engagement Seminar

    October 27

    Presenter: Michael Spikes. Attendees learned about the basics of News Literacy from the Center for News Literacy, one of the leading organizations that has been arming educators with the tools they need to bring crucial critical thinking skills to help students navigate our new information age for more than 10 years.

    Adult Education in the Netherlands

    October 16

    Presenter: Sonja Van den Berge, Kellebeek College. Dr. Tom Pierce, Dean of Adult Education, welcomed Dutch ICISP Exchange Visitor, Ms. Van den Berge, whose presentation provided insights on adult education in the Netherlands.

    Disability 101: What Faculty and Staff Need to Know

    October 10

    Presenter: Ashantá Marshall, Director of the Disability Access Center, Daley College. Ms. Marshall led a critical look at common misperceptions faculty and staff have about serving students with disabilities with a focus on advising students with disabilities and strategies for making classrooms accessible using the Universal Design model.

    Let’s Kahoot!

    October 5

    Presenter: Courtney Griffin, Instructional Technologist, Morton College. Ms. Griffin discussed Kahoot, a system that allows your students to use their smartphones as clickers and its use in class participation, in-class quizzes, immediate feedback and keeping students engaged. During the session, participants created an account, a quiz and participated in a Kahoot session.

    Assessing Global Learning: Methods, Metrics, and Meaning

    April 27

    Presenters: NAFSA (Various). This webinar was part of the series Architecture for Global Learning. Presenters outlined best practices and provided a comprehensive picture of student learning through the application and interpretation of various methods and rubrics for the meaningful assessment of global learning outcomes.

    Student Retention in Online vs. Traditional courses

    April 12

    Presenter: Magda Banda, Institutional Research. Review of the past five years of retention and grade data for Morton courses offered online or hybrid course compared with face-to-face (traditional) delivery methods. Aggregate retention rates and retention by course were presented followed by a discussion of their implications.

    History Uncovered and the Art of Research Writing

    March 28

    Adjunct English Professor Arnie Bernstein discussed his latest book, Swastika Nation: Fritz Kuhn and the Rise and Fall of the German-American Bund, the true story of a 1930 American Nazi organization and the disparate confederacy that brought them down.

    Open Educational Resources at MC: A discussion

    March 1

    Participants reviewed the concept of OER (building on the recent TLC presentation by invited speaker Page Wolf) and discussed the role these may have at Morton College.

    Online Pedagogy Workgroup

    February 22

    All are invited, and especially those with experience, training or interest in online teaching & learning. The main agenda item will be proposed additions to the Online Learning Policies and Procedures Manual regarding policies for online orientation.

    CAFDN Book Discussion

    February 24

    Presenters: Chicago Area Faculty Development Network Board Members. Discussion of the results of a multi-year study that assessed how students’ learning is affected by faculty members’ efforts to become better teachers. The authors show that faculty participation in professional development activities positively affects classroom pedagogy, student learning and the overall culture of teaching and learning in a college or university.

    Getting Started with Open Education Resources

    February 1

    Presenter: Page Wolf, PhD, Faculty Development Chair at the College of Lake County. The College of Lake County’s promotion and adoption of Open Textbooks including tips for getting started, helpful resources and lessons learned. Dr. Wolf's presentation (PPT) and associated materials are available for download on TLC's Resources page.

    2016 EVENTS

    Writing to Learn

    December 9

    Presenter: Bard College’s Institute for Writing and Thinking. This workshop offered writing strategies to help students gain a better understanding of complex ideas, historical documents, literary texts and mathematical problems.

    Recent Trends in Dutch Higher Education

    October 25

    Presenter: Werner Richelle, Dutch Exchange Administrator.

    Trends in Vocational and Higher Education in Finland

    October 20

    Presenter: Finnish educator Jaana Kauppinen. Lecturer, Department of Social Welfare & Health Care, North Karelian College, Joensuu, Finland. Jaana Kauppinen is visiting Morton College through the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs (ICISP) faculty exchange.

    Debriefing Workshop

    October 17

    Debriefing is a teaching/learning strategy used to bridge content, knowledge and experience through the use of facilitated reflection. It is a constructivist, reflective teaching strategy. The learners have an opportunity to reflect upon and interpret their performance. It can be used with any experiential learning and would be of value to those who use simulation or group projects/activities. Faculty members who use debriefing should have skills in this technique.

    Technological Solutions to Address Onboard Process, Academic Planning, and Course Scheduling

    September 22

    Presenter: César Jiménez and the Education Advisory Board (EAB).

    CSS Check-In

    September 22

    Participants discussed updating the CSS 100 curriculum.

    Curriculum Mapping Roundtable

    September 20

    Multiple faculty roundtable. This fall MC is rolling out an effort to conduct a complete curriculum map for the College. Participants learned about why a curriculum map is necessary, saw how the process (ideally) works, and head from faculty who have already gone through the pilot process.

    Review of SAT Trends

    September 12th

    The presenter was Michael Barrett, College Board. The event moderated by Mr. Jeremy Joslin, Dr. Maura Abrahamson and Dr. Michael Kasprowicz.

    Study Abroad Opportunities for Morton College Students in Austria

    September 7

    The presenter was Amanda Eggers, Salzburg College.

    Enhancing Student Success Through Different Delivery Models

    August 30

    Presenters Angie Doyle and Steve Sartori, Pearson Education, focused on A & P Students.

    The History of Mexico: Economía y Vida Cotidiana Durante el Porfiriato

    July 20

    Dr. Enrique García y Moisés, Una conferencia sobre la época del Porfiriato (1876-1910). El Dr. García y Moisés es historiador y economista por la UNAM. Actualmente es el Coordinador del Posgrado de la FES Acatlán. También te anexo unas imágenes de su último libro sobre la economía del Porfiriato. Como tu sabes, durante este periodo hubo un crecimiento económico importante y también se crearon las condiciones que dieron lugar a la Revolución Mexicana.

    ADA Law for Faculty

    March 16

    Presenter Cynthia Baasten discussed ADA law as it applies to the college classroom, provided attendees with an overview of the applicable statues and regulations and conducted a discussion using recent case examples.

    Using Clickers to Enhance Pedagogy and Assessment Strategies

    March 17

    Presenter was Ben West, Turning Technologies.

    Globalizing the Curriculum and Syllabus

    March 23

    David Comp, Associate Director of International Programs at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, discussed how faculty have approached the idea of internationalizing classes for the community college curriculum.

    2016 Morton College and J. Sterling Morton High Schools Dual Credit Program: A Collaborative Partnership Agenda

    February 23

    Presenter K. Alex Levesque, Founder and CEO of Automotive Mentoring Group, realized at a very young age that he loved to build model cars, especially vintage cars. With the help of six mentors, Alex operates a phenomenal training/mentoring program instructing at-risk youth, often ex-offenders, how to restore classic vehicles and at the same time teaches them life skills to change attitudes and prepare the mentees to earn a living wage and become better citizens of the world.

    Study Abroad Options at Carlow College, The Republic of Ireland

    February 9

    Speaker Eric Derr described an opportunity for Morton College students to study abroad at Carlow College, a partner of the Illinois Consortium of International Studies and Programs partner institutions. A presentation by Eric Derr following the event.

    2015 EVENTS

    Ivory Tower: Film, Pizza and Talkback, Co-Sponsored with Student Affairs

    December 3

    Is college worth the cost? Is today’s model of higher education broken? Students and faculty viewed the documentary Ivory Tower and and engaged in a post-film guided discussion.

    TLC Online Pedagogy Roundtable

    November 18

    Colleagues shared ideas on teaching and how to begin teaching online. This will be an ongoing conversation, with additional dates set in future semesters.

    Writer, Teacher, Meditator: One Identity, One Practice

    November 4

    Language Arts faculty member Karolis Zukauskas, author of the recently released novel The Fugue, spoke about the relationship between three parts of his identity: his career as an educator, his career as a writer and his practice of Zen meditation. Zukauskas argued for the benefits of contemplative pedagogy, a fusion of mindfulness practice and academic pursuit."

    Comparing Perspectives on Education in the Netherlands

    October 27

    Presenter Karolis Zukauskas and Cheryl Bulat provided two perspectives on Dutch Education. Language Arts faculty member Zukauskas described his experiences in the Netherlands during last year’s two-week ICISP faculty/administrator exchange program, and Early Childhood Education faculty member Cheryl Bulat’s exchange partner from the Netherlands shared her perspectives on her country's educational practices.

    Doing Business in a Global Market-African Perspective

    October 21

    Presenter Dr. Jimrex Byamugisha, Professor and Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence at Harper College shared his insights. Byamugisha is currently a lecturer at the School of Statistics and Planning, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. He holds a Master’s Degree, Post-Graduate Diploma, and Bachelor’s degree in Statistics. He has been a consultant with many organizations both in Uganda and other countries, including Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. Prof. Byamugisha has worked for a variety of government ministries, local and international NGOs, and International Organizations such as UN Development Programme (UNDP), UN World Food Programme (WFP), UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), UN Populations Fund (FPA) and the International Labour Organization (ILO). His research has ranged from social surveys, health surveys including HIV/AIDS, energy, educational and other specialized survey studies.

    Promoting Study Abroad Opportunities for Morton College Students

    October 14

    Sue Kerby, Study Abroad Specialist the College of DuPage discussed what Morton College can do to promote study abroad opportunities for Morton College students. As the Illinois Consortium of International Studies and Programs (ICISP) coordinator for Seville, Spain, she devotes special attention to this program.

    NAFSA Campus Internationalization Roundtable

    September 14

    Participants included Jill Izumikawa, Coordinator of International Student Services; Sara McGuinn, Study Abroad Program Assistant, Northwestern University; Dana Vizdal, Assistant Director, Orientation and Student Activities at the Center for International Studies, Western Illinois University; Rachel Webb, Immigration Specialist, Office of International Studies and Programs at Illinois State University; Kate Hilby, Assistant Program Manager for The Education Abroad Network (September, 2015).

    CTE Program Development & Promotion: A Case Study from the Digital Arts

    May 4

    Presenter Herbert Burns, who heads the Digital Effects and Animation program at Forsyth Technical Community College and has served as an adjunct faculty at UNCG and Salem College, shared his views. Burns has lectured on digital design, architecture and sustainability in the US, Finland, Belarus, and Russia.

    Faculty Perspectives on Online/Hybrid Teaching & Learning (OHTL)

    April 23

    This roundtable discussion included faculty members who have experience with online or hybrid classes in a variety of disciplines, here at Morton and elsewhere. The event focused on faculty experiences with these modes of teaching/learning, related to the curricular, pedagogical, and class management issues. An outcome of this series was a consensus white paper on OHTL, which was presented to the Academic Standards committee for further consideration and action. Faculty can download the group’s OHTL White Paper (PDF).

    Heaven or Hell: a Documentary Film

    April 21

    Shot over a period of a decade in Colombia, Spain, and Venezuela, this documentary follows the experience of a drug addict as he emerges from addiction and builds a new life. A reception and a discussion with director Germán Piffano and Morton College faculty member Mark Litwicki, who worked as an associate producer and translator, followed the screening. This event was co-sponsored by the Student Activities Office.

    Building Global Awareness among Students

    March 10

    Shanon Dickerson, Executive Chair of the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs (ICISP) and Foreign Language Instructor at Carl Sandburg College shared her insights.

    Pathways to STEM Careers for Underrepresented Minority Students

    February 16
    Dr. Irving P. McPhail, president and CEO of the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, was the presenter. McPhail served as Chancellor of the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC), one of Maryland's largest and most influential higher-education providers, from 1998 to 2005. Under his leadership, CCBC successfully reorganized from three separate community colleges into a single, multi-campus public college that is highly regarded for promoting academic excellence, developing potential, nurturing talent, and cultivating partnerships that benefit the people, families, and businesses of the Baltimore metropolitan region.

    Faculty can download material related to Dr. McPhail's presentation on the TLC Resources page.

    2014 EVENTS

    Using Physics Education Research to Understand & Guide STEM Assessment with Underrepresented Students

    Presenter: Mel Sabella, Ph.D., a Professor of Physics at Chicago State University and the former Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Physics. His interests focus on improving STEM education for underrepresented students. Sabella initiated and continues to work on major American Physical Society projects which focus on the supporting the needs of diverse student populations and aiding in the recruitment and preparation of future physics teachers.

    Comparing Dutch and US Community/Vocational College Experiences

    October 22

    Presenter Erik Janssen, a language instructor and international student internship coordinator at ROC Menso Alting, a post-secondary vocational school in the Netherlands, provided his perspective. He visited Morton College through an exchange program organized by the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs (ICISP).

    Faculty Perspectives on Online/Hybrid Teaching & Learning, Part 1

    A roundtable featuring a panel of faculty members who have experience with online or hybrid classes in a variety of disciplines at Morton and elsewhere, focused on faculty experiences with these modes of teaching/learning, related to the curricular, pedagogical, and class management issues.

    Faculty Perspectives on Online/Hybrid Teaching & Learning, Part 2

    See previous description.

    Writing Across the Curriculum: Strategies for Teaching & Writing

    A presentation by Daniel Cryer, Ph.D. Assistant Director of Core Writing at the University of New Mexico.

    Student Response Systems, part 1: Turning Technologies

    February 18, 2014

    Presentation on student response systems (i.e. clickers) in the classroom to track student understanding, start discussions and collect assessment data.

    Latino/Latin American Studies

    February 27, 2014

    Dr. Lourdes Torres from DePaul University’s Latino Studies/Latin American Studies Program conducted a presentation and dialogue about the state of her academic field, Latino Studies/Latin American Studies.

    Student Response Systems, Part 2: Learning Analytics

    May 14, 2014

    Participants discussed student response systems utilizing smart phones, laptops and tablets. From Pearson publishing, with input from Science instructors on using these technologies in the classroom.


    Programming priorities are based on the subject areas of greatest interest to faculty as indicated by responses to the TLC Faculty Survey (see below).

    Types of Events

    • Trainings/workshops on teaching topics
    • Seminars/information sessions on teaching topics
    • Collaborative professional development events with local colleges

    Program topics

    • Analysis of student body and the issue/characteristics which affect their learning
    • Instructional/curricular design, course design
    • Adaptive learning: An educational method which uses computers as interactive teaching devices
    • Flipped instruction: A form of blended learning in which students learn new content online by watching video lectures, usually at home. What used to be homework (assigned problems), is done in class with teachers offering personalized guidance and interaction with students.
    • Dealing with plagiarism and cheating

    Faculty Survey

    During the Spring 2014 semester, the Teaching and Learning Center created and conducted an in-depth survey of faculty college-wide that enjoyed high levels of participation by both full-time and part-time faculty and will guide further development of the Center’s goals and Mission.

    The TLC's 2014-2015 Programming is informed by some preliminary findings from the survey; a more comprehensive report is forthcoming.