• Morton College's faculty of professionals instruct students in theatre history, dramatic literature, theory, and aesthetic concepts in addition to developing performance skills in acting, directing, design, makeup and stagecraft.

    In addition to providing the background for careers or further studies in theatre and performance, coursework develops skills in critical thinking, public speaking and collaboration.

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    Jedlicka Performing Arts Center is a professional, non-equity 346-seat theatre on the campus of Morton College. Support from Morton College and its Board of Trustees has allowed the JPAC to grow and nurture enthusiasm for the arts in local students and community members.

    Theatre Courses


  • THR-107 Theatre Practice Seminar

    This course gives students a greater appreciation of the theatrical arts through lectures, discussions and observation of professional productions. Aspects of acting, directing, producing, designing and theatre management are included. Lecture three hours per week. 

    THR-108 The Theatre Experience

    This course provides students with a general background in theatre to increase their knowledge and appreciation of this art form. Students attend local theatre productions and view films of other productions. Lecture three hours per week. This course applies to the IAI General Education Core Curriculum Fine Arts and Humanities package.

    THR-110 Introduction to Theatre

    Students survey theatre history and dramatic literature. Students explore the aesthetic, social and technical development of the theatre from antiquity to the 17th Century through a selected list of plays. Lecture three hours per week. This course applies to the IAI General Education Core Curriculum Fine Arts and Humanities package.

    THR-112 Theatre Practicum

    As part of the theatre curriculum, students must participate in an area of a dramatic production: house management, technical production or performance. May be taken four times for credit.

    THR-113 Summer Theatre Workshop

    This workshop gives students academic and practical experience in the three basic theatre disciplines: theatre management, technical practice and performance. It covers in depth one genre of drama and presents at least one major production to the public during the summer workshop, exemplifying this genre. All students enrolled in this workshop participate. May be taken twice for credit.

    THR-125 Fundamentals of Acting

    Students explore acting methods with emphasis on basic stage technique. They dissect the role of the character in relation to the play, examine the intellectual and emotional values of the play and interpret by means of voice and action.Lecture three hours per week. This course applies to one or more IAI majors. See an Academic Advisor for details.

    THR-130 Stage Makeup

    This course introduces students to makeup theory through lecture, demonstration and laboratory practice, developing proficiency in the various techniques and styles of makeup application. It emphasizes materials, color and light, character, age, race and period makeup. Lecture two hours per week.

    THR-135 Stagecraft

    This course introduces students to basic techniques of theatrical production, emphasizing constructing and handling scenery, painting, stage lighting and backstage organization. Laboratory experience involves set construction and other preparations for College theatre productions. Lecture two hours, laboratory three hours per week. This course applies to one or more IAI majors. See an Academic Advisor for details.