Faculty Resources

  • Faculty Resources

    Faculty may place books or other materials on reserve for their students by filling out a Reserve Request form online or at the Circulation desk. Items from the Morton College Library's collection can be placed on reserve, as well as materials from faculty members' personal collections. All materials will be removed from reserve at the end of each semester unless the library is instructed to renew the reserve.

    The Morton College Library offers an online plagiarism prevention service for the Morton College Community called TurnItIn. This database is a proprietary system that instantly identifies papers containing unoriginal material and acts as a powerful deterrent to stop student plagiarism before it starts.

    Please note, to create an account, you will need the institutional account information for Morton College. Please contact the Instructional Technologist or a Reference Librarian at the library for that information. For more information on accessing this resource, please see the Turn It In Help Guides.

    Schedule A Class (Faculty)

    Faculty may request workshops, tours, user instruction sessions, and classes tailored to their specific paper assignments or requests.

    To schedule a class, print this form and drop it off at the library. Alternatively, you can print to PDF and email the PDF.

    To schedule a class, contact us at (708) 656-8000 x2321 or email us at reference@morton.edu. In the email, please let us know what you would like us to teach and what learning goals you have for the instruction session. It could be something general such as a goal to give your students an overview of the library or something specific such as learning about a specific database or resource. As well, let us know if you would like us to come to your classroom or if you are bringing your class to the library instruction room, which is equipped with computers for your students and an overhead projector for demonstrations.

    Finally, please be sure to provide a contact name, email, and phone number in which we can reach you, so that we can work together to plan out the logistics of your instruction session.