Course-Level Assessment

Morton College is committed to regularly gathering reliable data about its courses in order to improve learning outcomes at the course level. Each course must have measurable Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). Each department will collect data on how well SLOs are being achieved.

In the Arts and Sciences Division, full-time faculty members volunteer to serve as “course experts.” Course experts help the College to ensure that SLOs within all courses will be assessed on a regular basis, ideally no fewer than once every five years.

The formula for continuous assessment may vary. The assessment cycle should be well-documented, producing written artifacts and tangible decisions about the way courses are designed and/or delivered.

The mechanics of the assessment cycle should include a definition of the assessment process, data collection and analysis and improvement plans where appropriate. In order to ensure that the proper emphasis of assessment is placed on student learning, assessment results will not be used to evaluate instructors.