Tuition and Fees

Summer 2019 Tuition*

In-District Resident - $96 (per credit hour)
Out-of-District Resident of Illinois - $224 (per credit hour)
Out-of-State Resident or International - $288 (per credit hour)

Fall 2019 Tuition*

In-District Resident - $104 (per credit hour)
Out-of-District Resident of Illinois - $232 (per credit hour)
Out-of-State Resident or International - $296 (per credit hour)


Application Fee- $10 (first-time enrollees only)
Registration Fee - $10 (per semester)
Comprehensive Fee - $9 (per credit hour)
Technology Fee - $9 (per credit hour)
Late Registration Fee - $50 (per semester)
Repair/Renovation (R/R) Fee - $22 (per credit hour)

*Tuition and fees are subject to change by official action taken by the Morton College Board of Trustees. Review of tuition and fees will occur at times deemed necessary by the Board in conjunction with the College administration.


Tuition and fee payments may be made in the Cashier's Office or online. The Cashier's Office accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal check, or cash. Tuition and fees are payable in U.S. currency on dates designated by the College.

Students failing to meet published payment deadlines may be dropped from courses.

Nelnet/FACTS Payment Plan

A deferred payment plan is available through Nelnet/FACTS. To qualify for a FACTS/Nelnet Payment Plan, total tuition and fees must exceed $100.

Registered students who fail to pay their complete tuition and fees by the tuition due dates may have their registration canceled unless they have signed a FACTS/Nelnet Payment Plan Agreement (See the appropriate Course Schedule for each semester to obtain exact payment due dates).

To setup a payment plan please login to your Morton Payment Plan

Payment Deadlines

Summer 2019

If You Register between April 1 & May 1
Payment is Due May 10, 2019

On or after May  1
Full payment is due the same day of registration OR sign up for Nelnet (FACTS) Payment Plan

Fall 2019

If You Register between April 1 & Jul 1
Payment is Due July 1, 2019

On or after July 2
Full payment is due the same day of registration OR sign up for Nelnet (FACTS) Payment Plan


  • Students who register in Admission and Records will receive a printed schedule and bill at the time of registration.
  • Students who register through their Panther Portal can view their bill by clicking on the links Financial Information-Account Summary
  • If payment is not received by the due date, students may be dropped from the courses.
  • If students are dropped from courses, they may re-register with no guarantee of obtaining the same course schedule. Registration will not be allowed for any course after 7 instructional days have passed and if a class is closed.
  • Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal from courses. It is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from a course.
  • Unless students officially withdraw from a course, they are still responsible for all tuition and fees for any course for which they have registered.
  • The College refunds tuition and fees only when official drop forms are properly completed, authorized and processed through the Office of Admissions and Records and only according to the Tuition Refund Table found in the current Morton College course schedule.
  • Telephone requests for courses to be “dropped” are not accepted.

For additional information on paying tuition and fees, contact the Cashier's Office located on the First Floor of Building B.

Deferred Payment Via FACTS

Nelnet (FACTS) is a tuition management plan that provides a low-cost payment option for tuition and other educational expenses.

Nelnet (FACTS) is not a loan program. Students do not incur debt, nor are they charged interest or assessed finance fees. There is no credit check. Automatic payments are processed through a checking/savings or credit card account.

The only cost to budget monthly payments through Nelnet (FACTS) is a $25.00 per semester non-refundable Nelnet (FACTS) Enrollment Fee. The Nelnet (FACTS) Enrollment Fee is automatically deducted within 14 days of the agreement being posted to the Nelnet (FACTS) system.

Students may enroll in the Nelnet (FACTS) payment plan through the Panther Portal.

The following information is required when enrolling in the Nelnet (FACTS) program:

  • A minimum account balance of $100
  • Nine-digit student ID number (Social Security Number or Student ID)
  • Date of Birth
  • The name, address, and e-mail address of the person responsible for making the payments
  • A unique Nelnet (FACTS) Access Code that is created upon enrollment
  • Account information for the person responsible for payment
  • Checking Account - Bank name, bank routing number, account number and bank phone number (located on check)
  • Credit Card - Credit card number and expiration date

Questions About Financial Aid Awards

Questions should be directed to the Financial Aid Office. For questions on tuition balance, students should contact the Cashier's Office or view their account balance online.

Students should not assume that their balance will automatically be adjusted if financial aid is received or a class is dropped or added. Students should review their agreement balance online through their "My Nelnet (FACTS)" account or contact the Cashier's Office.

Description of Fees

Technology Fee

The purpose of the fee is to enrich Morton College students’ educational experience with technology.

The fee is used for continued technology enhancements throughout the College including software, client hardware, and infrastructure to support services offered to Morton College students. These services include student e-mail, local and online learning resources, and network access.

Comprehensive Fee

The purpose of the fee is to enhance students’ overall experience on campus.

The fee is used to fund various student club organizations, performances and special events, library resources excluding technology, restoration and maintenance of various student and academic facilities, and the maintenance of parking facilities and campus security.

Repair/Renovation Fee

This fee supports the College’s infrastructure and the renovation of outdated facilities. This fee will be assessed to students enrolled in credit courses.

Late Registration Fee

A student will be accessed a late registration fee if the student:

  • registers after the course has begun
  • is dropped for non-payment and wishes to re-register
  • is dropped for non-attendance and wishes to re-register for the course with consent of the instructor

1098-T Forms

The 1098-T forms for 2018 will be available electronically January 31, 2019. A 1098-T is generated based on billed eligible tuition and fees during the 2017 calendar year.

Morton College uses your Social Security Number/Individual Taxpayer ID Number (ITIN) to file the 1098-T only. You may need to update your records with the Office of Admissions & Records to include your Social Security Number/ITIN, if you have not provided it in the past, or to update your address.

in order to REPRINT your 1098-T or view your form electronically, you must consent to do so first.

To reprint or view 1098-T forms electronically:

  • Login to your MC Panther Portal account at
  • Go to Panther Central for Students under Panther Central – Self Service
  • Select Financial Information
  • Select 1098 Electronic Consent – consent to receive electronic form
  • Once you have consented, click on View My 1098-T Forms


Tuition Refund ScheduleSpring 2019

100% Refund – within 8 calendar days from start of course (Excludes Holidays)
50% Refund – 9 to 16 calendar days from the start of course (Excludes Holidays)Refunds will not be issued after these dates

Refund Policy

The College refunds tuition and fees only when official drop forms are properly completed, authorized and processed through the Office of Admissions and Records. Telephone requests to be “dropped” are not accepted.

The College does not grant refunds to students who:

  • Voluntarily enlist in military service following the close of the refund period
  • Are dismissed for disciplinary reasons
  • Are financially obligated to any College department or office at the time of withdrawal
  • Withdraw from courses after the drop deadline

Refunds Due to Extenuating Circumstances

The college may award 100% refunds and late withdrawals to students who present documented extenuating circumstances which include:

  • Serious illness or injury to the student that required extended recovery time or significant improvement
  • Death or serious illness of an immediate family member
  • Significant trauma in a student’s life that impaired the student’s emotional and/or physical health
  • Any other documented circumstances.

In these cases, students should submit all documents to support claim to the Office of Admissions and Records, Building B.

These requests should be submitted no later than 30 college business days after the end of the semester in question. The Morton College refund committee reserves the right to approve or deny claims.

Course Cancellations

When the College cancels a course, a full refund will be made.