• Change or Addition of Club and Organization Advisor

    To update the SAO when the club/organization has decided to change or has welcomed a new advisor.
    Submit immediately after a change is made.

  • Advisor Registration

    For club advisors to understand roles and responsibilities and to obtain contact information.
    Submit by the third week of the fall semester.

  • Officer Roster

    To obtain the names of all club/organization officers.
    Submit by the final week of the spring semester.

  • Community Service Report Form

    To report the community service event conducted by clubs/organizations as required by the SAO.
    Submit two weeks prior to the end of the semester.

  • Event Activity Form

    To request the use of facilities for events.
    Submit three weeks prior to event.
    Watch a video on how to complete the Event Activity Form.

  • Intent to be Active

    To declare intention to be an active club or organization of Morton College.
    Submit by first SGA meeting.

  • Meeting Request

    To request meeting space for club or organization weekly meetings.
    Submit five days prior to scheduled meeting.
    Watch a video on how to complete the Meeting Request Form.

  • Purchase Request

    To obtain approval to purchase items needed for club/organization mission.
    Submit two weeks prior to purchase.

    Watch a video on how to complete a purchase request.

    Student Club and Organization Application for Recognition
    To receive official recognition as a Morton College Club or Organization.

    Submission date is determined by SAO.

  • Travel Proposal

    To be completed by students interested in attending a conference/event that requires travel. You may be required by Student Activities Office to submit additional information or meet with the department staff before the travel is approved.
    Submit at least six weeks prior to travel date.

  • Self-Assessment

    The Student Activities Office (SAO) is conducting an assessment report for all active and recognized Morton College clubs and organizations. This assessment is required in order to receive funding for the current fiscal year (Fall 2018 to Spring2019).