Clubs and Organizations

There are 16 active student clubs and organizations of different interests. Student groups provide opportunities for students to broaden their experiences, develop leadership abilities, provide a sense of responsibility and give service to the college community.

Why get involved?

You will meet and associate with new people. Getting involved will help you explore lifelong or newfound interests. You will develop leadership skills that you can utilize in and out of the classroom. Plus, it looks really good on your résumé!

Start a New Club/Organization

Campus Leader Forms

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  • Change or Addition of Club and Organization Advisor

    To update the SAO when the club/organization has decided to change or has welcomed a new advisor.
    Submit immediately after a change is made.

  • Advisor Registration

    For club advisors to understand roles and responsibilities and to obtain contact information.
    Submit by the third week of the fall semester.

  • Officer Roster

    To obtain the names of all club/organization officers.
    Submit by the final week of the spring semester.

  • Community Service Report Form

    To report the community service event conducted by clubs/organizations as required by the SAO.
    Submit two weeks prior to the end of the semester.