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Email MIS Helpdesk and create a ticket for any Blackboard related issues, we will find right resources to assist you. Updates will be sent to your email provided.

Login using your portal username and password to access your courses on Blackboard.  All courses including 'on-campus', 'hybrid', 'on-a-schedule' online, and 'anytime' online course have their course sites in Blackboard. Depending on the type of a course, instructors may use Blackboard course sites differently. Contact your instructor if you have a course content-specific question.   Courses are taught in Blackboard may use the Blackboard video conferencing tool - Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to host live class session, office hours, and other virtual meeting or events.

For questions on student login information, please view to this document.

Set Up Course Site/Shells in Blackboard LMS

*Faculty NO LONGER needs to fill out a course request form. You will have to fill out the online form only if you want to merge enrollment of multiple sections into one course site, or need assistance to copy content from previous taught course.

*Students’ last course access date is two weeks after the end of each semester. The end of access date will apply to all courses (16 week regular, late starting, and short-term courses) unless instructor make changes.

Starting spring 2022, a group of faculty signed up to participate in spring Ultra pilot project and their courses have been created in new Blackboard Ultra format. With the dual modes (Original Course & Ultra Course) that we are running for Blackboard, we made some changes on course availability per Academic Standard Committee’s request. Please review the information below carefully.

  1. new semester courses are available and will be open to students 7 days before course start dates published in course catalog ( It is encouraged that all instructors to post an announcement or syllabus that clearly state the expectation of the classes.
  2. Instructors have an option to ‘make a course private’. Private course does not allow students to access the course site. After course start dates, instructor must remember to ‘open courses’ so students can access and view course content posted in Blackboard. Contact MIS helpdesk or Blackboard LMS administrator if you have trouble to open a course.
  3. Course section merge: you must send request to us to merge multiple sections of same course, or merge sections of cross-listed courses into one combined section. The combined section will host all course content and enrollments. Individual instructor assigned to the children sections will be listed as one of the instructors in the combined section. It is recommended to send your request and have the sections merged BEFORE you copy/add any course content to your course sections. Request form is available to download from within Blackboard.

Important Dates for Blackboard Learn Courses

2022 Fall Important Dates

April 28, 2022 – active fall courses are added into the Blackboard Learn. Faculty start to have access to course sites. Blackboard courses will be updated weekly as new section is entered into the system or upon request.

April 29, 2022 ~ August 14, 2022 – fall courses are available only to faculty. Students do not have access to the courses in Blackboard. Faculty may start to add course content, copy content, send course copy request, and/or send request to merge enrollment for cross-listed courses or multiple sections of a course.

August 15, 2022 – fall term is set to available. Courses becomes open (7 days before each course start date) to students. Enrollments will be refreshed weekly till semester begins.

August 22, 2022 – fall semester begins. Enrollment will be refreshed daily for add/drop weeks. Enrollment will be updated daily in the week of 10-days, and midterm verification periods.

December 19, 2022 – final grades due. Post final grades in panther portal.

January 2, 2023 – last day that students can access their fall courses through the Blackboard (for all 16 week regular, late starting, and short-term courses). Faculty can continue to access private courses (up to 6 semesters).

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