Student ID

Students at Morton College are required to have a photo identification card to use certain facilities such as the Morton College Library and the Individual Learning Center. Your student ID will grant you access to campus events and activities as well as provide you with the opportunity to purchase event tickets at a discount.

How to Get Your ID

Getting your Morton College Student ID is easy – all you need to do is present acceptable identification and have your picture taken. Remember - Keep your student ID with you at all times. Do not discard your student ID after the semester ends - you will need it throughout your time at Morton College.


The Student Activities Office provides you with your first ID at no charge.

Discount Tickets

Purchase discounted tickets to various events such as sporting events, AMC movie theaters & Six Flags Great America.

Help! I’ve Lost My ID!

All lost IDs can be replaced at the Student Activities Office for a $10 fee.

Panther Rewards Program

To recognize our involved students and provide opportunities for engagement on our campus, the Student Activities Office offers the Panther Rewards Program (PRP).

Student Union

The union serves as a relaxing gathering place for students. The area is equipped with computers and a game room for your equipment.