Student Success

College Success Seminar

Morton College’s College Success Seminar (CSS) is an introductory course designed to help new students transition into college life and prepare them to succeed. CSS is a required course for incoming students pursuing any of the Transfer degrees and who place into ENG 086 on the English and Reading Accuplacer test. CSS focuses on improving study skills, introducing MC resources available to students and helping them build academic, financial and professional plans moving forward.

CSS 100 is a three-credit course that counts toward the completion of several Associates offered at Morton College and is highly recommended for any students planning on transferring to a four-year school.

Comprised of cohort student groups, each Learning Community helps an individual student build a support network to other students, instructors and college services at Morton to help get them ready for whatever comes next.

Learning Communities

Morton College’s Learning Communities pilot focuses on small class sizes built around a collaboratively taught and culturally responsive learning environment for our students. Learning Communities help students engage course content, instructors and each other and can have an extremely positive impact on a student’s educational development.


Accelerated Math-Pilot Program

There’s now a better way to take MAT 085 (Intermediate Algebra) and MAT 102 (General Education Math)!

Accelerated Math lets you take MAT 085- Intermediate Algebra as an 8-week course concurrently with MAT 102- General Education Math instead of having to wait an additional semester. This pilot program is being launched in the spring 2019 semester. Students who place into MAT 085 and who will be required to complete MAT 102 for their desired degree, should meet with their Academic Advisor to discuss registration.

Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment

Morton College offers 2 partnerships with Morton East and Morton West High Schools. The first partnership, known as Dual Credit allows high school students the opportunity to earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously. Morton East and Morton West high school students, with the assistance of their Counselors enroll in a high school course that is also dual credit. Students who complete the course with a grade of 'C' or better then earn credit for the equivalent college course.