Summer 2024 Courses

Make your summer count! Take summer courses at Morton College to stay on track towards your degree, graduate early, and/or to transfer your classes seamlessly to four-year college/university.

Summer 2024 courses at Morton College will be offered in a variety of formats, including in-person, hybrid, online (offered synchronously and asynchronously).  No late fees in the summer term.

What does asynchronously and synchronously mean?

What does asynchronously and synchronously mean?


Students don’t have an assigned time of the day to log in, they do have deadlines and may be required to log in daily but there are no set times of the day to do so, and no live online lectures. These classes are perfect for students who are self-motivated and can independently manage their time.


Students will have their class delivered online via Blackboard with a dedicated virtual classroom time. Instructors may require students to log in for lecture during the scheduled time. Synchronous classes are very similar to in-person classes with faculty and class interaction, but they take place online from the comfort of your home.

How can you tell how the course you are looking at will be offered?

In the public online schedule, students search for courses and the current term. For each class, look at the Location. The location will indicate how the course will be offered.

Summer schedule:

1st 5-week session:  May 30th – June 29th
8-week session: June 12th – August 3rd
2nd 5-week session: July 3rd – August 3rd

Registration is open! Search for summer courses at -

How to Transfer the Credit upon Completion

You should work with your home college/university to make sure you understand their processes. However, if the institution does require an official Morton College transcripts to verify your credits.

Request Your Morton College Transcript

Any questions about what class is right for you, contact your assigned Student Success Coach or send us an email at or (708) 656-8000 ext. 2250.