Information for Students and Parents

Obtaining Accommodations

Students who require accommodations while attending Morton College should follow the steps listed below in a timely manner. Accommodations are valid for one semester and must be updated each semester the student attends school. Students are responsible for informing each of their instructors of their accommodations.

To get started on obtaining your accommodations, please complete the following:

  1. Click the "Apply Online" button on the website and complete the online application.
  2. Obtain most recent Individual Educational Plan (IEP), 504 Plan or other proper medical documentation for your advising appointment. There is a three-year expiration date for all documentation.
  3. Complete the Request for Accommodations Form (PDF)
  4. Obtain an official copy of your high school and/or other college transcripts or GED certificate (Must be in a sealed envelope).
  5. Complete your FAFSA application
  6. Schedule and complete placement testing. To schedule a placement exam, call (708) 656-8000 Ext. 2250.
    • Please schedule placement testing on two separate days, one day test for English and one day for Math.
    • The placement tests are not timed, allowing students ample time to complete each section.
    • Students will receive their scores upon completing the placement tests.
    • A student can take the placement test twice. The first test is FREE but there is a $10 fee to take the test a second time.
  7. Contact Academic Advising at (708) 656-8000 Ext. 2250 to schedule an appointment with the Coordinator of Student Disability Services.
  8. Students must bring all the documents listed above and a completed Request for Accommodation Form to the first appointment.
  9. Register for classes with the assistance of the Coordinator of Student Disability Services or through your Panther Portal.
  10. Provide each instructor with a copy of your accommodations.