Associate in Applied Science Degree - Course Sequence 3 - Placement 2

This course sequence is for students:

  • who are pursuing one of the following AAS degrees -AND-
    • Automotive
    • Computer Aided Drafting
    • Fire Science Technology
    • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
    • Welding
  • who have been placed into MAT 100 or higher -OR-
  • who received Cs in their final math class in high school -OR-
  • who have not taken a math class in 5 or more years but use math on a somewhat regular basis.
Semester Course (s) Credit Hours
1st MAT 100 Intensive Elementary Algebra 3 credit hours

Course Descriptions

Students review the four fundamental operations on whole numbers, fractions, and decimals, and work to develop problem-solving skills. Students also study issues related to measurement, converting between units of measurement, estimation, proportional reasoning, applied algebra, constructive geometry, and right triangle trigonometry. The mathematical topics will be covered through application to the content in the HVAC and other career programs.
Prerequisite: MAT 080 (formerly known as MAT 090) or qualifying score on Math Placement Test