Associate in Applied Science Degree - Course Sequence 2 - Placement 4

This course sequence is for students:

  • who are pursuing one of the following AAS degrees -AND-
    • Computer Information Systems
    • Web Design
  • who have been placed into MAT 105 or above -OR-
  • who received As in their final math class in high school -OR-
  • who have not taken a math class in 5 or more years but use algebra on a regular basis.
Semester Course (s) Credit Hours
1st MAT 105 College Algebra 4 credit hours
2nd MAT 181 Discrete Mathematics 4 credit hours

Course Descriptions

This course prepares students to study more advanced mathematics. Topics include the real number system, polynomials, inequalities, and exponential, logarithmic and rational functions. It also covers conic sections, determinants, sequences and series and the binomial theorem. To qualify for this course, students must demonstrate competence in both algebra and geometry. Lecture four hours per week.
Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of MAT 086 or MAT 095 or qualifying score on Mathematics Test; AND satisfactory completion of MAT 092 or Geometry Proficiency Test or two semesters of high school geometry or equivalent with a grade of “C” or better.
Corequisite: MAT 097.

This course introduces students to topics that develop reasoning skills and provide a foundation for further study in computer technology or mathematics. These topics include: Boolean logic, elementary number theory, methods of proof, induction, recursion, sets, combinatorial techniques, functions, graphs and trees. Applications to digital circuits and computer algorithms will be discussed. Lecture three hours per week. This course applies to the IAI General Education Core Curriculum Mathematics package.
Prerequisite: MAT 105 with a minimum grade of “C” or Math Placement Test.