Associate in Arts Degree - Statistics Course Sequence - Placement 2

This course sequence is for students:

  • who are pursuing an AA degree -AND-
  • who are planning to transfer to a four year university that requires a statistics course for the student’s planned major -AND-
  • who have been placed into MAT 096 -OR-
  • who received Cs in their final math class in high school -OR-
  • who have not taken a math class in 5 or more years but use math on a somewhat regular basis.

Because MAT 098 can be taken as a prerequisite (before) or a corequisite (at the same time) as 141 there are two options for this course sequence.

Option 1: MAT 098 as a prerequisite to MAT 141

Semester Course (s) Credit Hours
1st MAT 098 General Education Math Support 3 credit hours
2nd MAT 141 General Education Math 4 credit hours

Option 2: MAT 098 as a corequisite to MAT 141

Semester Course (s) Credit Hours
1st MAT 098 General Education Math Support AND MAT 141 General Education Math 3 credit hours/4 credit hours

Course Descriptions

This course is designed for students who have a background in basic math and should be taken along with MAT 141 as supplemental instruction. Topics include modeling, operations and expressions, graphing linear equations, simplifying expressions and solving equations, and linear functions and inequalities.
Prerequisite: MAT 080 or adequate score on the math placement test.

Students investigate elementary descriptive and inferential statistical methods: graphs, averages, measures of dispersion, probability, tables, probability and sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance and simple linear correlation. The course also provides the students opportunities to use computers to solve problems. Lecture four hours per week. (1) This course applies to the IAI General Education Core Curriculum Mathematics Package. (2) This course applies to one or more IAI majors. See an Academic Advisor for details.
Prerequisite: MAT 095 or MAT 086 or MAT 102 or MAT 105 or qualifying placement.
Corequisite: MAT 098