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Associate in Fine Arts Degree - Placement 3

This course sequence is for students:

  • who are pursuing an AFA degree -AND-
  • who have been placed into MAT 102 or above -OR-
  • who received Bs or higher in their final math class in high school -OR-
  • who have not taken a math class in 5 or more years but use math on a regular basis.
Semester Course (s) Credit Hours
1st MAT 102 General Education Math 4 credit hours

Course Description

This course is designed primarily for students who are not pursuing careers in mathematics, science and business. Students planning to study mathematics, science or business should take MAT 105 followed by general education course(s) at the upper level. Students develop essential mathematical competencies needed for participation in our modern world by studying topics such as critical thinking skills, sets, probability, statistics, and the mathematics of finance. This course applies to the IAI General Education Core Curriculum Mathematics package.
Prerequisite: Successful completion of MAT 085 or MAT 095 or Math Placement Test.
Corequisite: MAT 096