Hemodialysis Technician Program

Train to Become a Hemodialysis Technician!

The training program is designed to prepare the students for an entry-level position as a Dialysis Technician. The program will allow the graduate to progress through a standard facility orientation program at an accelerated rate by providing an extensive theoretical knowledge base and clinical/technical practice in a laboratory setting. This program is BONENT approved and thus has met the extensive requirements for the quality and professionalism the industry supports.

*During the unpredictable and unprecedented time of a global pandemic, certain services may be altered or no longer available during the course offerings. Externships that require students to work at medical sites can be  delayed and would convert to home kits with instructor or practitioner verification. Courses requiring on-site lab skills.

** Externships are subject to  approval via an externship application keeping in consideration students’ geographical location and site availability.

Train to Become a Veterinary Assistant!

If you love working with animals, take the first step towards a new career in the veterinary field with MK Education’s Veterinary Assistant Program. To register, please contact Irina Cline by phone at (708) 656-8000, Ext. 2383 or e-mail.
Morton College offers a payment plan option for those who qualify. For more information, please contact Irina Cline via phone at (708) 656-8000, Ext. 2383 or e-mail.

Fall 2020 Course Dates​

Class is not offered in Spring 20201 but will resume in the future.