Disability Documentation Guidelines

  • Students requesting accommodations must provide appropriate and updated documentation of their disability.
  • Documentation over 3 years old cannot be accepted.
  • IEP and 504 Plans may be accepted with additional assessments and evaluations.
  • Students with a school-based diagnosis will need further documentation to verify disability.
  • Disability Verification Form may be required at the discretion of the Accommodations Coordinator.

Disability documentation must be provided by a qualified treating or diagnosing professional who has no personal relationship with the student and must include:

  • A diagnostic statement identifying the disability/Diagnosis with code
  • The impact of the disability in an educational setting
  • An assessment of major life activities that are affected by the impairment (memory, concentration, social interactions, learning, thinking, walking, standing, sitting, seeing, hearing, etc.)
  • Functional limitations
  • Include diagnostics/test scores when applicable.
  • Recommendations of accommodations needed.
  • Documentation must include name and professional title, license number, address, phone and signature of professional.
  • Please note: A doctor’s note indicating that a student has a particular disability or needs a particular accommodation does not constitute adequate documentation of disability. 


Please contact the Coordinator of Student Accommodations at AccommodationServices@morton.edu for additional information.