Description of Fees

Technology Fee

The purpose of the fee is to enrich Morton College students’ educational experience with technology.

The fee is used for continued technology enhancements throughout the College including software, client hardware, and infrastructure to support services offered to Morton College students. These services include student e-mail, local and online learning resources, and network access.

Comprehensive Fee

The purpose of the fee is to enhance students’ overall experience on campus.

The fee is used to fund various student club organizations, performances and special events, library resources excluding technology, restoration and maintenance of various student and academic facilities, and the maintenance of parking facilities and campus security.

Repair/Renovation Fee

This fee supports the College’s infrastructure and the renovation of outdated facilities. This fee will be assessed to students enrolled in credit courses.

Late Registration Fee

A student will be accessed a late registration fee if the student:

  • registers after the course has begun
  • is dropped for non-payment and wishes to re-register
  • is dropped for non-attendance and wishes to re-register for the course with consent of the instructor