Business Technologies

Business careers offer personal satisfaction, financial growth and opportunities for many types of individuals – the creative and entrepreneurial as well as the practical and analytical.

Morton College's Business Technologies courses allow students to acquire the theory and skills they need to find professional success in the business world.

Expert instructors apply years of experience in finance, Information Technology, manufacturing and management to helping students meet their educational and professional goals, whether it's pursuing further study at a four-year institution or securing a good position quickly in the field of their choice.

Business Technologies courses offer personalized instruction and hands-on training, providing the most up-to-date business theory and best practices in addition to lab experiences that feature the latest in technology.

Students who complete coursework in Business Technologies pursue careers as accountants, financial analysts, corporate managers, office managers, supply chain managers, Information Systems technicians, programmers and network administrators.

Brian Gilligan

Department Chair of Business Technologies
Building B, Room 327
(708) 656-8000 Ext. 1409