Morton's Mathematics Department develops students' analytical skills and prepares them to pursue advanced coursework at four-year institutions and careers in business and industry that require mathematical communication, problem-solving and reasoning.

Our faculty is committed to provide a quality mathematics education for a diverse student population and to support students' efforts to achieve their highest potential in mathematics.

The department offers a wide range courses – from developmental math to those that help satisfy technical/professional program and college transfer requirements.

Individuals with strong backgrounds in mathematics have many career options. Hiring managers in industries that include banking, medical and pharmaceutical research, publishing, insurance and government highly value candidates with skills that are developed in mathematics coursework.

Students may also choose to pursue bachelor's and advanced degrees in mathematics, statistics, medicine, engineering, actuarial science, business and law.

Scott Spaniol

Department Chair of Mathematics
Building B, Room 310
(708) 656-8000 Ext. 1405

Modular Math

Morton Modular Math is Expanding!
Beginning in Summer 2018, all elementary and intermediate algebra classes will be offered as a sequence of 8-week courses.