Academic Deans

The Academic Deans' Office warmly welcomes each student into our community of scholars. We value how much we have to learn from and about each other, and look forward to experiencing and supporting the intellectual and social contributions each student will make to the Morton College community.

Student can visit The Deans' Office to voice any issues or concerns they may have regarding their current courses, and to ask questions regarding course offerings, the course schedule, and/or catalog information. Each Academic Dean is generally available to any student for advice, consultation, interpretation of College policy, and/or appropriate referrals. We encourage students to meet and talk with the Academic Deans about exploring possible majors; study skills, or time management.

Academic Deans

Brandie Windham

Dean of Arts & Sciences
708-656-8000 ext. 2555
Building C, Room 271

Laurie Cashman

Dean of Adult, Career and Technical Education
708-656-8000 ext. 2335
Building C, Room 271

Associate Deans

Michelle Herrera

Associate Dean of Academic Services
708-656-8000 ext. 2447
Building C, Room 272

Claudia Mosqueda

Associate Dean of Adult, Career and Technical Education
708-656-8000 ext. 2236
Building C, Room 222

Michael Rose

Associate Dean of Strategic Initiatives Adult, Career and Technical Education
708-656-8000 ext. 2369
Building C, Room 221

Support Staff

Carolina Castillo

Scheduling Coordinator
708-656-8000 ext. 2337
Building C, Room 272

Isabel Cervantes

Executive Assistant Deans Office
708-656-8000 ext 2330
Building C, Room 271

Maria Vargas

Program Support Specialist I – AECP&O
708-656-8000 ext 2281
Building C, Room 271