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Placement testing measures your skill levels in English and math. Keep in mind these are not entrance exams. You cannot pass or fail. These exams simply show your current academic skill level so your advisor can assist you in selecting the most appropriate courses.

The placement tests are computerized, adaptive tests. Adaptive testing means the computer will adjust the difficulty level of each question based on your performance on the previous question. Alternate delivery methods, such as audio version of the exam and large-print paper and pencil exams are available for students with a documented disability.

The tests are multiple-choice and are not timed. Most students complete both English and math exams in fewer than two (2) hours, but are allowed as much time as needed.

Since the test is adaptive, your performance is continually monitored and tabulated throughout the exam. The placement results are available immediately after testing.

A dictionary, thesaurus or calculator is not allowed during the placement exams. Scratch paper and pencils are provided.

Before testing, students must complete a Morton College New Student Information Form. Once you have submitted this form to the Office of Admission and records, you may schedule a placement testing appointment by calling the Academic Advising Center at (708) 656-8000, Ext. 2250.

The Testing Center is located in the Student Success Center (SSC) in rooms 233C/234C.

Placement exams are offered by appointment only at various times throughout the week. Our typical testing schedule is Monday, 9am & 5pm, Tuesday, 1pm & 5pm and Thursday 9am & 1pm. The schedule may vary at times due to staff or room availability. Please call (708) 656-8000, Ext. 2250 for the upcoming scheduled dates and times.

Morton College does not accept placement test results from other colleges or universities.

The initial placement test is offered free of charge. However, a $10.00 retesting fee applies to all exam retakes.

Applicants are allowed two (2) attempts to achieve the minimum scores on the exam before beginning their course sequence. There is no charge for the first exam but there is a $10.00 retesting fee to retake the placement exam. This fee applies to all students regardless of major or program of study.

No, students are not allowed to retest once they begin their course sequence. The only exception is if the student has not been enrolled in the course sequence in two (2) or more years.

The placement results are valid for two (2) years from the date of exam administration.

Yes, prospective nursing applicants must complete a nursing admission exam (HESI A2). This exam must be completed on specific nurse testing dates. Prospective applicants can take the HESI A2 exam up to two (2) times in a two-year period. All HESI A2 test results will be valid for two (2) years from the date of administration. Please refer to the Nursing Program Application Packet for a list of current test dates.

The Testing Center proctors various exams for community residents enrolled in distance learning programs. The tests can be online or paper and pencil versions. Exams are proctored during our regular testing schedule hours. Some restrictions may apply. For more information regarding proctoring services, please e-mail eric.porod@morton.edu

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