Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

To provide individuals from our diverse community with exemplary learning opportunities that enable graduates to obtain entry level positions as a physical therapist assistant within and beyond surrounding communities, while promoting lifelong learning, critical thinking and problem solving skills and recognizing the value of community service.

Cara Bonick, PTA, M.Ed.

Director of Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Program Philosophy

The Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program provides students with a stimulating, challenging and comprehensive educational experience that prepares the student for an entry-level position as a Physical Therapist Assistant.

The faculty and staff are committed to providing students with an education that reflects values of professionalism, emphasizes current practice and promotes critical thinking and lifelong learning.

Consistent with the philosophy of Morton College, the Physical Therapist Assistant program believes that core values of truth, compassion, fairness, responsibility and respect are central to the development of competent and caring practitioners within the profession of Physical Therapy.

As such, the program encourages a learning environment where students feel safe to express opinions, where students are encouraged to take responsibility for learning and self-development, and where there exists a mutual respect between faculty and students.