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C.A.R.E Program

The overarching philosophy behind the Compassionate All-Inclusive Retention Effort (C.A.R.E.) program is that Morton College Health Sciences programs care for and support their students just as healthcare professionals care for and support their patients.  Students who feel cared for and have support services are more likely to have positive success outcomes such as higher retention rates, improved academic performance, and higher board pass rates.

Integral components of the C.A.R.E. program include summer boot camps, summer preparation courses, study strategy seminars, tutoring, and supplemental instruction opportunities.  Students also must abide by the Academic Success Policy, an intrusive intervention policy which stipulates that all students failing a test must meet with a faculty or staff member.  Students demonstrating a pattern of low academic performance or the need for additional support are candidates for one-on-one coaching provided by their instructor or the Retention Specialist.  Additional resources available for students include self-care and group study spaces as well as the one-to-one iPad initiative, which provides iPads for school use to all students.

The four main tenets of the C.A.R.E. program are:

  1. showing students that the Health Sciences faculty and staff sincerely care about their success,
  2. being patient and empathetic with students while still being firm on standards and expectations,
  3. supporting students with interventions and resources inside and outside the classroom, and inside and outside clinical sites, and
  4. believing that all students can succeed with the right effort and support.
Educational/Retention Specialist

Carolyn Markel
(708) 656-8000 Ext. 2334

Itri Papanikolla
(708) 656-8000  Ext. 2376